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We had the honor to be selected by our client to participate in the training program for HER project, a global collaborative initiative that strives to empower women working in global supply chains initiated by BSR.

We selected two female representatives who would go to the traning every month and will hold internal training inside our factory for the femal workers to increase knowledge and awareness of health among women workers.

This has started form July 2022 and will last for a whole year and we are beyond excited to be part of it.

As quote from BRS, We believe investing in women is good for both women and business.

When women have enhanced ability and agency to take charge of their own lives, along with supportive work environments and relationships that create fair and dignified workplaces, they become powerful agents of change. Empowered women and dignified work are critical to better business—business that is more ethical and more productive.

Survey among worker representatives in our factory before kick off meeting

Our representatives attending the training by BSR

Representatives holding kick off meeting in our factory


The great journey of our sustainability started from 2019. It was in this year when we started getting access to various sustainable fabrics,sustainable packaging and hang tags.We are very honored to be able to work with great clients to bring this into life and is working our best to go further in the journey.



Until today, we are proud to say 85.65% of our products are packed in recycled poly bags. 71.71% of our products are using hang tags made from recycled paper.



We have now worked with recycled polyester, recycled nylon,water PU and organic cotton with various fabrications. All of our sustainable fabric mills are certificated.


This will be a long journey ahead but we are glad we have started it with our clients and look forward to going further together.